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Why Us?

We are able to offer you several options in merchant processing to save money every month. We can provide*:

· Traditional processing

· Cash Discount programs

· Free placement of equipment*

· No early termination fees *

· No Cost Analysis

· 24/7 Tech Support and 24/7 Live Technicians in the field 

· Batch deposits/money in just a few hours with Same Day Funding*

* funding and final details vary merchant to merchant, and merchant must be approved. Case by Case Basis.

With our ZERO PAY, Cash discount and same day funding for merchants and businesses we can work collaboratively with your business to save money. We could potentially offer some merchants  no cost, no contracts, no termination fee and free placement for each location. Now we haven't seen your merchant statements, but imagine possibly saving thousands of dollars each year combined.  We also have strategic partners who can offer loyalty programs that work with social media marketing. In addition to those savings, we have partnerships that can assist in areas like insurance, payroll and workman's comp policies.

How Does it Work ?

With same day funding, if approved, you can get your batch deposits/money in just a few hours*.  (Click on the short video below about the same day funding  program) We would have to see if your industry type would qualify for this program.  Aside from the newest program, we are still able to offer traditional processing (business absorbs cost) at very competitive rates. All we would need to generate an analysis for the business is a recent merchant processing statement. The turn around is typically 48 hours.

In addition,  we have the ability to lower credit card processing costs by up to 95% (in your case we may be able to offer no cost). We do this by charging the merchant, a flat fee while adding on an adjustment charge, or service fee, to each transaction in lieu of the business absorbing that cost directly. This cost is now passed on to the consumer. This is completely in compliance with MasterCard, Visa and Discover card guidelines. More and more merchants are now taking advantage of these programs.

This is very similar to what you see everywhere with the gas stations. You can choose cash or credit card. But if you choose credit, they charge you slightly higher cost for the convenience of using your credit card. But we know that using these cards (especially the rewards cards) costs your business more of your bottom line profits.

Many restaurants have tried various ways of reasons to surcharge patrons. There has been a progression over the years. These links below highlight the subject:

Jan 2017

January 2019

This link here is for information on the cash discount program and how it's completely legal in your state.

We are here to help businesses save in processing costs. By doing so they can use that savings for more important things, like inventory, supplies, health care or salaries.

We want you to succeed by saving money and becoming more profitable.


In addition, our merchant services come with 24/7 Tech Support and 24/7 Live Technicians in the field.



Discover Data has introduced a revolutionary pricing plan ideal for businesses that have an average ticket cost of $25.00 or less. For $49.99/month our Zeropay plan allows a business/merchant to forward the processing cost on to the customer – resulting in ZERO cost of processing. The only cost incurred would be the monthly cost of subscribing to the Zeropay plan and the rest is history! All processing costs are forwarded on to the customer’s total bill as a surcharge to cover processing fees. This also encourages customers to avoid paying for such processing surcharges by paying with cash instead. Either way its a WIN WIN situation for our merchants!

U.S. merchants that intend to surcharge are required to:

Notify Visa and your acquirer at least 30 days in advance of beginning to surcharge; a notification form to Visa can be submitted at

Limit surcharging to credit cards only (no surcharging debit and prepaid cards) and limit the amount to your merchant discount rate for the applicable credit card surcharged*.

Disclose the surcharge as a merchant fee and clearly alert consumers to the practice at the point of sale – both in store and online – and on every receipt. Merchants should also consider whether they comply with all applicable state or federal laws. Currently, 10 U.S. states have surcharging restrictions including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

More information on rules and requirements related to surcharging can be found at



CARE PROGRAM is Free receipt paper for terminal, warranty for the terminal, overnight shipping for replacement or repair, annual upgrades for terminals.


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You can rest easy knowing our programs work with the following platforms: TSYS, FIRST DATA, GLOBAL PAYMENTS, VANTIV, EPX, & NORTH AMERICAN BANCARD. 

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